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  • June 27, 2017

Current Projects: 

Capacity Development Services for Regional and Local NGOs in East Africa
The Capacity Development Services for Regional and Local NGOs (RLNGOs) in East Africa is a three year USAID supported program that started in Dec 2014 and is  strengthening the institutional systems of Regional and l Local NGOs in Kenya.
ACA, through this program has so far strengthened the capacity of ten  partner organizations guided by  the theory that organizational change happens at multiple levels within an organization and that strong governance and leadership are the key drivers upon which all other capacity building is based. This theory drives the sustainability of capacity building by ensuring that RLNGOs create strong insitutional systems that are adaptive to changing environments beyond the scope of any one particular intervention.
Customized capacity building interventions for these RLNGOs including the use of mentored grants and provision of distance learning through online platform, are being provided. According to a Mid-term evaluation conducted by the Ipsos Kenya, participating RLNGOs have demonstrated measurable improvements in governance and leadership, financial management, strategic planning, and results-based management. This is a catalyst to stronger, more flexible and more sustainable RLNGOs that can rapidly respond to the evolving needs of those they serve and to influence the local and regional agenda.
The project is being implemented in partnership with Deloitte, ACLAIM Africa and ACA member institutions.
Capacity Building for ISPs (CB4ISP)
The Capacity Building for ISPs (CB4ISP)  project adds to ACA’s portfolio of projects focused on underserved populations. The project seeks to improve the quality, effectiveness, relevance and equity of AIDS responses reaching Inadequately Served Populations (ISPs). This two-year project (Jan 2014- Dec 2015) is being implemented in three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) and will achieve four main outcomes:
  • Improved technical and institutional capacity of regional and national networks and their memberships
  • Enhanced HIV response implementation by ISPs across the full spectrum of prevention, treatment, care and support services
  • Fulfillment of basic Human rights, mainly through advocacy
  • Resource accountability for the HIV response.

For more information, visit

Network for Africa (N4A)

Network for Africa is an online community that strengthens the capacity of African public and private health sector leaders to partner for greater public health outcomes. The network comprises ministries of health staff and private sector leaders from over 24 African countries. Its goal is to promote a greater understanding among public sector staff of the private health sector’s contribution, and of its potential role in meeting public health objectives throughout the continent. For more information, visit

Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI)

CHMI promotes programs, policies and practices that make quality health care delivered by private organizations affordable and accessible to the world’s poor. Managed by Results for Development (R4D), CHMI works through Regional Innovation Catalysts around the world.

Africa Capacity Alliance is the Regional Innovation Catalyst for the East and Southern Africa region for the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI). For more information visit

GIZ BACKUP Initiative

ACA received an award from GIZ BACKUP Initiative to strengthen the institutional capacities of five Kenyan MARPs-focused CSOs in results-based management. The project aims to ensure sustainable leadership to deliver on the community response. This project is in line with ACA ’s strategic pillars focused on Health Equity and Rights and Community Systems Strengthening. For more information, visit

Capacity Summit

The Capacity Building Partners Forum is an ACA-led consortium of organizations from multiple sectors committed to working together to advocate for inclusion of capacity development in national health policies and budgets. The consortium identifies and implements capacity building initiatives in a focused and measurable way with the ultimate goal of improving national level policies and increasing the quality and access of services in communities. The Capacity Building Partners Forum convenes annually and attracts more than 300 participants. Visit more information

Past Projects: 


The INSTANT Capacity Fund is a grants management initiative established by ACA in 2009. It provides community CSOs with access to small mentored grants for implementing capacity building interventions. Using a mentored grants approach, ACA provides competitive grants to implement innovative and cost-effective, six-to-nine month capacity building projects that provide the greatest potential for better outcomes in health. To-date 56 INSTANT projects have been implemented in 11 countries within the ESA region. Over USD $1,300,000 has been disbursed and more than 2,300 health workers have been trained. INSTANT has impacted approximately 1,636,000 patients. For more information, visit 


RECABASO (Comprehensive Results Based Management Capacity Building for HIV and AIDS Service Organizations) is a results-based management program which identifies and addresses RBM capacity gaps among organizations implementing HIV programs in Eastern and Southern Africa. Teams of RBM experts conduct detailed diagnosis of RBM capacity gaps through site visits to participating CSOs. Reviewers recommend solutions that include: experimental learning, internships, on-site mentoring and technical support and follow-ups. Beneficiary organizations form online learning communities through which they continue to share experiences in applying new knowledge and skills. RECABASO creates a database of RBM experts who will transform into a critical mass for continuous technical support and mentoring to CSOs in the region. For more information, visit

Alumni Grants Initiative (AGI)

The Alumni Grants Initiative (AGI) is a programme of the Africa Capacity Alliance that funds innovative projects by ACA Alumni. Since its inception 16 years ago, ACA (formerly RATN) has delivered over 500 courses and trained more than 7,000 African healthcare workers who have made an impact on millions of lives within the Eastern and Southern Africa region. AGI ensures that innovative ideas are turned into tangible projects which benefit the populace. Visit for more information.

Training Information Hub (HIT)

Africa Capacity Alliance has revamped its Training and Information Hub (HIT). HIT is a web based source of information on HIV and AIDS training in the Eastern and Southern Africa. It provides health workers with the latest information on available courses in the region and beyond. HIT has been expanded to include other features such as e-resources, funding opportunities and vacancies. For more information visit

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