ACA and GIZ Partner to Strengthen Institutional Capacities in Results-Based Management

  • aca
  • June 15, 2015

Scope: Five Global Fund Sub-Recipients in Kenya working with MARPS (Most At Risk Populations)

ACA received an award from GIZ BACKUP Initiative to strengthen the institutional capacities of five Kenyan MARPs-focused CSOs in results-based management. The project will ensure sustainable leadership to deliver on the community response. This project is consistent with ACA ’s strategic pillars focused on Health Equity and Rights and Community Systems Strengthening.

MARPS-focused CSOs have traditionally not been the target for institutional strengthening initiatives in Kenya despite the fact that their key clientele account for a third of all new infections in the country and have a prevalence of 18.2 percent (among MSMs), 29.3 percent (among FSWs), and 18.7 percent (among IDUs) . Given their unique positioning and the critical role that these institutions play in averting new infections, KNASP III (Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan) and KAIS 2011 advocate strengthening of community systems, through investments to create linkages between grass root organizations and health facilities offering HIV services. KNASP III emphasizes results-based management, linking outputs, outcomes and impact and specifying clear lines of accountability.
This project also comes in the wake of Global Fund’s efforts to include measures which strengthen community systems relevant to in-country contexts. Global fund recognizes that strong, sustainable CSOs are important to ensure program impact, sustainability, & results for HIV, TB, & malaria prevention, treatment, care & support efforts.

ACA has developed a comprehensive plan of action that will focus on establishing, strengthening and maintaining a strong culture for designing and executing results-focused programs, therefore adding legitimacy to the issues facing MARPs and more effectively moving the national agenda for MARPS positively forward. This program has been informed by ACA’s award-winning RECABASO Institutional Strengthening Program.

This project commenced in April 2014 adding to ACA’s exciting portfolio of key population initiatives through which ACA will continue to demonstrate its unmatched wealth of experience in institutional strengthening. ACA is also implementing a key population’s project, funded by the Robert Carr Network Fund, in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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