Africa Capacity Alliance Alumni Grants Initiative (AGI)

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  • February 14, 2014

The Alumni Grants Initiative (AGI) is a programme of the Africa Capacity Alliance that funds innovative projects by ACA Alumni. Since its inception 16 years ago, ACA (formerly RATN) has delivered over 500 courses and trained more than 7,000 African healthcare workers who have made an impact on millions of lives within the Eastern and Southern Africa region.

Alumni are key stakeholders in the success of the alliance as they are the link to achieving results in the field. To that end, the Alumni Grant Initiative was established in 2011 to give its alumni an opportunity to employ skills acquired during training in the pursuit of innovative solutions to health service delivery challenges.

AGI ensures that innovative ideas are turned into tangible projects which benefit the populace. Projects funded under AGI are original, sustainable and of great impact Continuous Alumni follow-up studies conducted by ACA and its Member Institutions (MIs) indicated that 80% of respondents improved their skills after attaining ACA Training. However, despite the knowledge and skills gained, many alumni reported a lack of financial and supervisory support to implement innovative ideas acquired during their training. This resulted in an under utilisation of new knowledge and skills.

The Alumni Grants Initiative therefore seeks to bridge the gap between innovation and execution by ensuring that the knowledge and skills alumni acquire during their training is well utilised to improve and scale up the quality of service provision among AIDS service organisations and institutions where they are based.

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