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  • February 14, 2014

The Comprehensive Results-Based Management Capacity Building for HIV and AIDS Service Organisations (RECABASO) programme identifies and addressesinstitutional capacity gaps among organisations delivering HIV and health services. RECABASO strengthens their effectiveness and performance in achieving  relevant Development Goals.

RECABASO is unique in that it replaces traditional classroom types of training with a customised and integrated programme that helps organisations to conduct capacity assessments, prescribes organisation-specific solutions for addressing gaps, assists in implementation of improvements and establishes networks of learning.

RECABASO attains sustainability and impact by empowering and then requiring beneficiary organisations to become mentors and pass along knowledge to other individuals or organisations.

The Need for Results Based Management

ACA’s vision for local capacity development includes a strong emphasis on Results Based Management (RBM) in an effort to increase accountability and ensure effectiveness. RBM is a management approach through which an organization ensures that all of its processes, products and services contribute to the achievement of desired results. It depends on clearly defined accountability for results, and requires systematic monitoring, self-assessment and reporting on progress. Traditionally, the emphasis in local capacity building has been on managing inputs and interventions, making it difficult to demonstrate results in a credible way.

ACA believes that promoting accountability of all major stakeholders in the pursuit of results would greatly strengthen local capacity development efforts.

For more information, download the RECABASO brochure here:[download id=”311″]

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