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  • December 8, 2013

We achieve exponential impact through our extensive membership network

ACA is a membership organization currently consisting of 37 Member Institutions (MIs) across 12 countries.  ACA’s Member Institutions have diverse technical expertise and recognized competencies in improving health outcomes through their training and capacity development programs.  Each has significant reach across the health sectors within their own countries and throughout the region.  ACA MIs include International NGOs, National and Local NGOs, Management Institutions and University Departments.


We specialize in capacity building, training, information sharing and advocacy. 

Institutional Capacity Building

ACA develops and delivers institutional capacity building programs that break down the obstacles that inhibit people, organizations and governments from realizing their development goals.  ACA’s capacity building programs maintain a strong emphasis on Results-Based Management (RBM) as well as governance and leadership development.


The demand for quality human resources in health continues to outpace the supply, and the need for continuous professional development of those working in the sector is crucial.  ACA facilitates the design, development and delivery of both short- and long-term courses for healthcare workers.  Each year, ACA and its MIs deliver more than 50 courses which provide healthcare workers with the capability to respond to emerging issues.


Information Sharing

Accurate and timely communication and information is critical to knowledge building as well as empowerment of individuals and organizations working in the rapidly evolving health environment.  ACA creates and manages a variety of virtual and in-person forums which support its Member Institutions and other strategic partners to engage and share information.


ACA Member Institutions are uniquely placed to influence policies that will increase support towards capacity development for healthcare response.  ACA advocacy efforts focus on building the capacity of healthcare actors to advocate for coordinated scale-up of quality healthcare at both national and regional levels.

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