Job Opportunity: Multi-Media and Informations Officer (Outreach Unit)

Aidspan, a Kenya-based international NGO with a global mandate, seeks to recruit a programme officer level candidate for its Outreach Department. The programme officer, title as above, will work under the Unit’s Manager.


Aidspan ( is an international NGO whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund by serving as an independent watchdog of the Global Fund and of its grant implementers. Aidspan does this by providing information, analysis and advice; facilitating critical debate; and promoting greater transparency, accountability, effectiveness and impact.

Aidspan’s vision is that the Global Fund will raise and disburse adequate money to fight AIDS, TB and malaria worldwide, with the Fund and the implementers of its grants being fully transparent, fully accountable, and achieving the greatest possible impact.

Aidspan was originally based in New York, but in 2007 it moved its base to Nairobi. Most staff are Kenyan. Aidspan’s mandate relates to Global Fund activities and impact worldwide, not just in Kenya. The organisation is completely autonomous from the Fund and receives no funding from it.

Aidspan’s Outreach Department

The Outreach team’s key responsibility is to facilitate discussion on Global Fund issues, sharpening the focus of all stakeholders on how to improve the Fund’s policies and procedures and how to increase the impact of Global Fund grants. Its activities facilitate Aidspan’s key role as watchdog of the Global Fund by linking Aidspan’s broader work to discussions, debates and action.

Outreach targets organisations and individuals at the country level, and works with them to promote accountability, transparency and effectiveness of Global Fund grants.

Our goals as a unit are:

  • To enhance knowledge about Global Fund processes at county level
  • To build the capacity of local organisations to understand accountability, and how to do watchdog work
  • To ensure that Aidspan engagement at country level is creative, sustainable and relevant.
  • To build an online presence for both Aidspan’s watchdog activities at country level, and also those of our country-level partners.

Required qualifications and experience

  • At least a university first or masters degree in communications, multi-media or a related field.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in multimedia communications, knowledge transfer and management.
  • Experience in managing and coordinating online platforms and facilitating online partnerships and forums, with the ability to enhance constructive dialogue within the user community, and develop and maintain vibrant virtual conversations.
  • Ability to develop/adapt web-based materials, for example content, policy briefs and special projects and be able to create engaging online content (and help others to do so).
  • Must understand social media platforms especially Facebook and Twitter, and have experience in building and managing online organisational or brand reputation.
  • Experience in developing digital presentations and building internal capacity in info-graphics, and digital story-telling.
  • Experience in mentoring, coaching or training in the use of these platforms and in knowledge transfer techniques; with an interest in cultivating this capacity in others. .
  • Experience working with open source online systems. An understanding of basic web design principles would be highly valuable in this case, as will high proficiency in all office productivity suite software and use newer communications technology and software.
  • Able to work independently with little supervision, and able to work in small, flexible dynamic teams;
  • Ability to effectively organise, prioritise and meet deadlines.
  • Proven evidence of strong written and oral communication skills. Kindly submit at least 2 written samples (eg. Original articles or stories for publication, blog posts, communications materials such as press releases or storyboards).

Additional skills preferred

  • A personal network of contacts within East, Southern and Central Africa will be most valuable.
  • A second regional language such as French, Portuguese or Arabic will be useful

Selected Responsibilities

  • The Programme Officer will report to the Outreach Unit’s Manager,.
  • Lead online communications activities for the Outreach Unit and pro-actively identify opportunities to promote partnerships through online platforms and social media.
  • Support communication efforts within Aidspan by generating stories, analysis and other content for use across Aidspan platforms.
  • Create and distribute compelling stories about outreach work and identify opportunities to promote products, announcements and key deliverables.
  • Acquire relevant content from outreach partners to update the relevant online hubs. .
  • Support the Community of Practice and the Mentoring Local Watchdogs project in the following:
  • Collect and develop relevant case studies and visual stories; liaise with outreach affiliates and partners to distribute these stories.
  • Lead in data presentation, discussion, information sharing and dissemination techniques and technology.
  • Collate, organise and archive the Unit’s data.
  • Explore innovative platforms for driving and tracking different discussion tracks on the online hub.
  • Build internal capacity in data sharing and presentation, including info-graphics and digital storyboards for the Unit.
  • Support country-level partners to build and maintain their online profiles.
  • Explore and implement platforms for enhancing online discussions about Aidspan’s broader work on improving Global Fund effectiveness.
  • Will be required to travel for training and meetings; travel time should not exceed 20%.

Job location

This position is based at Aidspan’s office in Nairobi, Kenya. Preference will be given to those who are either citizens of Kenya, or who have documented proof that they are permitted by the government to work in the country.

Salary and benefits

Aidspan staff are given two-year contracts and salaries are paid in Kenya shillings. A generous salary and benefits package is discussed during and after the final interviews. The salary package will be commensurate with the candidates experience and qualifications.

Equal Opportunity

Aidspan is committed to encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination. There will be no discrimination on any grounds and we encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

Next steps

If you are interested in this position, please do as follows:

  • Study the information provided in this document and some of the key documents on Aidspan’s website (eg Strategic Plan 2014-16, Annual Report 2012; Annual Plan 2014).
  • Prepare a cover letter of up to 2 pages (addressed to Ms. Wambui Munene, Finance and Admin Director, Aidspan) which explains (a) why you are interested in the position; (b) how your qualifications and experience match the job description; and (c) why you believe you are be a strong candidate. The letter should give your salary history (in your last three positions) and should specify your salary expectations.
  • Enclose at least 2 samples of written work that demonstrate your communications skills.
  • Ensure that your CV has 3 references, who are aware of this application.
  • Send all documents (cover letter, CV and 2 writing samples) to

Application deadline is: 14th March 2014. The selected candidate should be available to start work as soon as possible.

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