Learn and Launch to Unblock the Roadblocks Impending Innovations’ Scale Up

Since 2008, PACE from Uganda established a social franchise dubbed ProFam that has grown to over 220 private clinics in over 52 districts. The clinics provide quality and affordable family planning services, cancer of the cervix screening and early treatment as well as Post Abortion Care (PAC) to women of reproductive age.

PACE is one of the four innovators from Africa that have been selected to participate in Learn and Launch, which CHMI is conducting in partnership with the Africa Capacity Alliance. From November 2015 to February 2016, the four programs will participate in two regional collaboratives, where they will brainstorm, share and test practices that will help them tackle a specific operational roadblock of how to reach, hard to reach patients with quality, affordable care; impeding their organization’s growth and scale.

Sarah Mbaazi from PACE is looking forward to the Learn and Launch experience and this is what she had to say:-

First of all am very grateful to the CHMI for this opportunity to participate in the Learn and Launch as this is my first time. Am very eager to learn and share with my colleagues. Thus, winning the Learn and Launch grant means a lot to me but not limited to the following;

It will provide an opportunity for us to share experiences and learn from one another on how we can improve programming to serve our communities better.

It will also provide us an opportunity to share innovations and best practices for replication and scale up.

The learning will increase my own and fellow staff capacity for improved programming.

Additionally, the grant will help to overcome the operational roadblock and also will provide an opportunity to test out new solutions and technologies.

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