Live from Nyeri- World Cancer Day


Here in Nyeri, Kenya, the official Kenyan World Cancer Day commemorations are about to begin. The national screening camp and our MobileODT staff are ready for the hundreds of women who will be screened here over the next 12 hours.

In preparation for today, MobileODT staff trained over three dozen nurses yesterday on how to use the EVA System – our mobile device that allows every women, everywhere access to cervical cancer screening.
The training was a wonderful success. The nurses are especially excited that the EVA System provides patients the opportunity to see their own cervix – a feat that both nurses and patients report is empowering them with a better understanding of their body and better ownership of their health.

I’ve also heard from our partners in Lengo County, not far away, that thanks to the EVA System they will significantly expand their screenings this year. 2016 will also be the year that our partners across Central America will be expanding with the EVA System. The MobileODT team is excited to support them as they extend their health services across their communities.

I’ll be posting pictures and updates throughout the day on our twitter account (@mobileodt) and on Facebook – and tonight at the UN, Curtis will have a very exciting announcement to share.

May we all have an impactful World Cancer Day (and if you have yet to get involved, join the #WorldCancerDay thunderclap here) and good luck to all of our partners in the screenings,

Article was authored by Yael Misrahi, Senior Manager, Partnerships MobileODT – Proud enabler of the #CervixSelfie and was cross posted with permission.

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