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  • January 20, 2014

Network for Africa is an online community that strengthens the capacity of African public and private health sector leaders to partner for greater public health outcomes. The network comprises ministries of health staff and private sector leaders from over 24 African countries. Its goal is to promote a greater understanding among public sector staff of the private health sector’s contribution, and of its potential role in meeting public health objectives throughout the continent.

Network for Africa is an initiative of the USAID funded Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project. It is managed by Africa Capacity Alliance (ACA) in partnerships with SHOPS project.

Members gain access to:

  • Information about key private sector events, publications, and technical skill-building activities in Africa
  • An e-newsletter on what is happening in the African private health sector
  • A clearinghouse of selected articles, toolkits, case studies, and best practices
  • Policies, laws, and regulations from several African countries related to the private health sector
  • Technical exchanges aimed at enhancing skills to design policies and implement public-private partnerships
  • Regular online technical sessions covering key elements of public-private partnering.

 Its purpose is to:

  • Exchange experiences and best practices in partnering with the private health sector
  • Share tools and materials used to engage with the private health sector
  • Build capacity within the public and private sectors to effectively dialogue and partner together to meet shared public health objectives
  • Share ideas on how to go about private sector health financing

For more information, download the N4A brochure here: [download id=”324″]. Also visit the new N4A website here: http://africacapacityalliance.org/n4a/

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