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  • February 18, 2014

sp09-14This document presents the strategic direction for ACA (2009-2014), which is shared by ACA Member institutions, the Board, Stakeholders and staff members. The primary purpose of the strategic plan is to provide a pathway for those responsible for prioritising ACA interventions and mobilising resources.

This plan was developed through a participatory process of self-assessment and drawing from the evaluation of the previous Strategic Plan (2004-2008), with a focus on ACA’s goal and core objectives. The self-assessment and the evaluation considered ACA’s current practices, the effectiveness of strategies employed to date and the challenges that lie ahead.

Download document (PDF, 1.52 MB) Open to read this publication

sp04-08This Strategic Plan comes at a time when ACA is slightly over a year since its status changed to an international NGO. Capacity development which continues to be a cornerstone of ACA will continue to be a high priority area and we shall ensure that programmes are of good quality and that they meet the needs of the region.

Download document (PDF, 1.52 MB) Open to read this publication


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